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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Jerusalem Gay Parade & Doggie Tummy Rubs

G'day Pals,
Last week my mum went to the gay parade in Jerusalem to show support for her friends and for human wights. She said it was her scawiest experience of 20 years working in the Middle East, and she's wowked in Sywia, Egypt, and Lebanon! Thewe were 9000 police to pwotect 5000 marchers. In the middle of all of this there was still woom for a doggie to get a tummy rub! She took the photo cause every time she sees a dog she thinks of me and she misses me. I pwoud of my mum for standing up for wights, even though I'm not suwe what they awe. My mum says she's a little jealous because she's had a blog for 9 months and I've had one for 3, and I have as many hits as she does. If you want to visit my mum's blog it's at
She's coming home in 3 weeks! Hooray!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Ready to Pawty for Maggie

Ben Ben & Girl Girl invited me to a really cool Pawty for Maggie, Queen of So Cal. My mum is still not awound to help me come up with a weally good costume. You should see my pal, Asta up over, she looks like a queen herself. So, I'm stuck wearing my sexy, smokin hot nursie outfit. I'm catching a ride wif Girl Girl in her car on the way to pick up the other Asta in New York (I hope Asta's dwess will fit in the car) and then we are off to California. I'm weally excited because I've never been to California, but my mum and dad are fwom there. I didn't know how Girl Girl would fit all of us in herw car but she managed. Girl Girl, took this cool photo of all of us in the cawr & put it on her blog. There's nothing like a woad twip! I'm hoping we can swing by Jackson's and pick him up to be our date!
Pawty On!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Jackson's Dweam Team

G'day Pals, Those of you who have kept up on our fwiend Jackson's medical pwoblems know that the 2 Asta's had to get him away fwom hussie nurse Clarissa. Jackson came to his senses and now the 2 Asta's and Janie are taking good cawe of him! Doesn't Janie look gweat in her nursie uniform? We wait on him hand & paw. Janie gives him cookies, and the 2 Asta's give him smoochie kisses and cuddles. Doesn't he look gorgeous?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Me & My Dad

G'day pals, this is me giving some licks to my dad in our patio. I know he loves me, but he has a hard time taking care of him self with mum gone, and more trouble taking care of me, so I am still with the Figgs (not to be confused with Tad's mean sister Fig) where I'm getting runs and tummy rubs from Ellen and playing with my 4 cairn mates: Zarra, Judah, Violet and Jasmine. My foster mum Mandy says that Ellen has been a good influence on me, and I like to be cuddled more now (Jackson, where are you?), instead of jumping around all the time. That's good because my mum is coming home in just over a month, and that means I get to come home too!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I'm Ready for my Close-Up Mr. DeMille!

I've been tagged for celebrity look-alike by Goofy, so I have to show myself next to a famous celebrity that I look like. This was really a difficult choice. My first thought was to choose Anna Nicole Smith or Marilyn Monroe, but I think I most look like Skippy, who played Asta in the Thin Man movies. Can you tell which is which?
I'm tagging Opy, Bogart, & Toto, too!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me!/Improving the Aussie Cork Hat

G'day Mates, My mum just returned to Jerusalem from her week in Cyprus and is tired from partying with all her friends. However, we were distressed to read that my cultured pal, Asta Urbanista in New York (New York City?) has had some trouble with flies, and one of them was so gigantic that she was pewtrified with fear and had to call for help! Crikey! Mates, we have lots of flies down here, and to help keep 'em away we wear these cork hats. So, I got my pal Asta urbanista to try with of these beauties. Don't you all think she looks Faire Dinkum? And, cuter than the funny man. The dangling corks scawe the flys away, but the only problem is that the corks are more annoying than the flies, but at least they aren't scawy! My new cairn pal Scruffy had a weally good suggestion for impwoving the cork hats. He thinks we should have treats and bones dangle fwom the hat instead of the corks. Snicker's Ma suggested dangling vermin would be fun for us doggies. And, Fee suggested having dangly treats on the anti-itch cones. I think that all of these ideas could be a big impwovement!