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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Meeting Opy & Charlie's Mum!

Me and my pal, Brooke in the Patio

Guess What Pals?

The woomers you heard about are twue! I had a visit fwom Brooke - Charlie & Opy's mum! I met a weal DWB celebwity! And I am only the second DWB doggie to meet hew. The first was Hammer. She bwought me this bootiful rope/stuffie/ball fwom Opy and Charlie also! And, I sent Charlie and Opy some of my famous giant pig eaws that mum buys me in the Victowia Mawket. She had the bootiful smells of Charlie and Opy on her.
My Thin Twin Asta up over was so excited that she sent this e-mail to me: "That is so vewy excitingTHE Bwooke???wow she's like the most famous doggie Mom of them all..I'm vewy jelly!... That is so cool that she came to see you and bwought you goodies fwom Opy and Charlie."
I not only met Bwooke, but I got to go out to lunch with Bwooke and mum. They went out for Lesbian food (mum: that's LEBANESE food, Asta) and I got to twy the Lesbian cheese on pee-ta bwead! (mum: that's LEBNE and PITA, Asta).
Mum says that ouw daddies are going to get together also and pway wif their compooters. I was sowy not to meet Charlie and Opy, but Bwooke says they are home-bodies. I'm looking foward to meeting the whole family!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Woe Is Me!

But I have been vewy bad. Mum took me for our regular 2 hour walk and I wrolled in a pile of vomit that I found in the pawk. It smelled so pawtastic - it was even better than the dead bird I wolled in a couple of weeks ago and my usual bat poo and possum poo perfume, but mum was weally upset. She said my behaviowr was enough to make hewr sick and she took me stwaight to the public bathwoom and washed it all off, but it didn't get wid of that pewfume-like awoma, so she gave me another bathf. She is making a face because of the fwagwant awoma. She just doesn't have any taste! No, don't wash it away.
Oh, woe is me!

All Is Forgiven

I guess I'm going to have to forgive mum fow ignoring me and my blog. She bought me some belated bawkday gifts: a big bag of pig eaws, a new pink rope toy, and 4 of my favowite rope kongs! Then she suwpwised me wif this wope ball. I think it will become my new favowite! And, she says another suwpwise is coming, plus she is still pwomising me some ice cweam.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mum Cheats On Me

G'day Pals,
Mum told me she abandoned me fow 3 weeks to go to confewences, but these photos tell another stowy. It seems that she was weally pawtying it up dwinking pawtinis and cheating on me wif other animals - including hew fwiends dog, Tommy and all of these stwange cweatures. I don't know if I can twust her anymore. Boo hoo hoo.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Back Home Again

G'day Pals,

Mum picked me up and bwought me home on Dec 6. I was weally tiwered fwom all of my mischief as you can see. I had a gweat time at the Figgs house. You know I love water and I was vewy bad there. I tipped over all my water buckets and played in the mud. The Figgs weren't vewy happy and kept punishing me wif lots of baths. Mum is just now helping me wif my blog because she took lots of photos in California and was busy wif her own blog. You can see them at and I'll post a few here.