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Saturday, May 26, 2007

8 Things About Me/ Away for a Week

First off mates, my mum is going to Cyprus for 5 days tomorrow, so she won’t be able to help me blog till next Friday! 2nd of all, Billy tagged me to tell you 7 or 8 things about me that you don’t know and I've tagged Koobuss, Janie the Painie, and Bussie.
8 things about Asta:

1. This is my “humble” home, a 19th c. church that’s now a house.

2. My dad’s (in the photo) nickname for me is P-Asta, short for Pain in the Asta.

3. When I was a puppy, I chewed up some of my dad’s CD’s.

4. I used to bite my mum and dad’s ankles when I was a pup.

5. My favorite game is rope toss!

6. I have my own door so I can come and go as I please.

7. I can jump from the top of the sofa to the dining room table and get lots of treats!

8. My mum’s nickname for me is Asta Baby.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Tagged By Asta Up Over!

I've been tagged by Asta up over and the new game of tag involves posting a photo of myself in a silly situation. The problem is that I'm in Melbourne and mum is in Israel and this is the only photo she has of me that is unusual. I am sitting on Billy's shoulders and he his carrying me around. Mum carries me this way too! Billy is Mandy's son and Ellen's brother. Two years ago, when the Figgs were having drinkies with mum and dad, we all got locked out on the patio and Billy climbed into the house through my doggy door and let everyone in. Now that would have made a funny photo! Since there are two photos here you have to guess which one is of me and Billy and which one is the Moscophoros from 460 BCE Athens. I'm tagging Billy, Tadpole, and Girl Girl cause they're 3 of my funnest pals. xxx Asta

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bronson’s Story: A Happy Ending

Some of you have asked me about my new pal Bronson. He belonged to a friend of a friend of Mandy, from Mandy’s work. Mandy and her family are whom I’m living with till mum comes home. When Bronson’s mum moved to a new house she couldn't have a dog with her and she looked and looked for a new home for him. Bronson almost became an orphan, but then Mandy found a new home for him with Trevor who works with Grant. Grant is Mandy’s husband and the hooman dad of my 4 cairn mates: Zarra, Judah, Violet and Jasmine. Here Grant is offering us a treat, but I'm getting it cause I'm a fasty. He He. So anyway, Trevor gave Bronson a new home and now he has a big new family of hoomans to play with: Trevor and Jo and their kids Stacey, and twins Tara and Samantha. I hope I will get to see Bronson again in the future, but I don’t know because his new family is keeping him busy!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Billy Tummy Tagged Me!

My favorite Shih Tzu and Canadian, Billy, tummy tagged me! Mum doesn't have any pictures of my sleeping and she can't take any cause she's still away. This is Ellen, and she spoils me rotten, while I'm waiting for my mum. She takes me running everyday and she gives me these tummy rubs! See how happy I look? Mum is worried that now I won't want to come home with all of these nice tummy rubs. Now, I've tagged Tadpole, coy Sophie Brador, and Luna!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

We Will Miss You Fu Fu

My mum and I are fairly new to the dogs with blogs world - just 1 1/2 months, and we only got to know little Fu Fu bear a short time ago. FuFu and his blog quickly became our favorite and mum and I checked it all the time. We feel very blessed to have known little FuFu, even for this short time, and it seems like we have known him for ages. He gave so much joy to us and to so many people, and even though he lived a long hamsterrier life, his time here for us was just too short. We were shocked, stunned, and saddened to learn about his passing. We are grateful to have known him for just this little while. He always made us laugh and feel happy. Mum has had a couple of hamsterriers in the past, but Fu Fu was really remarkable: he could drive a car and he was a superhero! He brought many dogs together through his magic. Mum checked his blog even more than I did!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Then Came Bronson!

G’day Mates,
Mum and I are real excited cause her friend Mandy who is taking care of me while mum digs up old bones sent her some new photos of yours truly. I’m especially excited because in addition to the 4 cairns that belong to the Figgs, we had another dog staying with us for the last few days. This is my new mate, Bronson. He's a Maltese Terrier and he's really cute just like my Malteaser friends Bella, Scrappy, Snowball and Toby! We had a fun few days flirting and playing bitey face. Bronson had a bit of a haircut and he’s looking handsome - don't you think? Now he’s going home.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Mum!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, mates! After recovering from the wine and cheese paw-ty, my mum took some time to celebrate her B-day yesterday! Unfortunately, I'm in Oz and mum was celebrating with her mates in Jerusalem. Dad sent mum a dozen roses and then she went to the famous American Colony Hotel for a drink (or 2). This photo shows mum last summer (my winter) when she was digging on Crete. She's holding the excavation director's terrier, Hercules. Mum doesn't take me to her digs, because then I would have to go through quarantime for 30 days to get back into Australia. Mum says quarantine isn't much fun. I would like to try archaeology because I dig all the time in the garden. I think I'd be a really good archaeologist - much better at it than mum is, but she says I'm not allowed to chew the bones. What kind of archaeology is that???? So, I'm stuck in Melbourne playing with the 4 cairn terriers and going walkies with Ellen. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention - my mum is jealous that my blog gets more hits than hers does!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Koi

Butchy and Snickers named a Koi after me. I'm sooo honored!