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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Meeting Opy & Charlie's Mum!

Me and my pal, Brooke in the Patio

Guess What Pals?

The woomers you heard about are twue! I had a visit fwom Brooke - Charlie & Opy's mum! I met a weal DWB celebwity! And I am only the second DWB doggie to meet hew. The first was Hammer. She bwought me this bootiful rope/stuffie/ball fwom Opy and Charlie also! And, I sent Charlie and Opy some of my famous giant pig eaws that mum buys me in the Victowia Mawket. She had the bootiful smells of Charlie and Opy on her.
My Thin Twin Asta up over was so excited that she sent this e-mail to me: "That is so vewy excitingTHE Bwooke???wow she's like the most famous doggie Mom of them all..I'm vewy jelly!... That is so cool that she came to see you and bwought you goodies fwom Opy and Charlie."
I not only met Bwooke, but I got to go out to lunch with Bwooke and mum. They went out for Lesbian food (mum: that's LEBANESE food, Asta) and I got to twy the Lesbian cheese on pee-ta bwead! (mum: that's LEBNE and PITA, Asta).
Mum says that ouw daddies are going to get together also and pway wif their compooters. I was sowy not to meet Charlie and Opy, but Bwooke says they are home-bodies. I'm looking foward to meeting the whole family!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Woe Is Me!

But I have been vewy bad. Mum took me for our regular 2 hour walk and I wrolled in a pile of vomit that I found in the pawk. It smelled so pawtastic - it was even better than the dead bird I wolled in a couple of weeks ago and my usual bat poo and possum poo perfume, but mum was weally upset. She said my behaviowr was enough to make hewr sick and she took me stwaight to the public bathwoom and washed it all off, but it didn't get wid of that pewfume-like awoma, so she gave me another bathf. She is making a face because of the fwagwant awoma. She just doesn't have any taste! No, don't wash it away.
Oh, woe is me!

All Is Forgiven

I guess I'm going to have to forgive mum fow ignoring me and my blog. She bought me some belated bawkday gifts: a big bag of pig eaws, a new pink rope toy, and 4 of my favowite rope kongs! Then she suwpwised me wif this wope ball. I think it will become my new favowite! And, she says another suwpwise is coming, plus she is still pwomising me some ice cweam.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mum Cheats On Me

G'day Pals,
Mum told me she abandoned me fow 3 weeks to go to confewences, but these photos tell another stowy. It seems that she was weally pawtying it up dwinking pawtinis and cheating on me wif other animals - including hew fwiends dog, Tommy and all of these stwange cweatures. I don't know if I can twust her anymore. Boo hoo hoo.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Back Home Again

G'day Pals,

Mum picked me up and bwought me home on Dec 6. I was weally tiwered fwom all of my mischief as you can see. I had a gweat time at the Figgs house. You know I love water and I was vewy bad there. I tipped over all my water buckets and played in the mud. The Figgs weren't vewy happy and kept punishing me wif lots of baths. Mum is just now helping me wif my blog because she took lots of photos in California and was busy wif her own blog. You can see them at and I'll post a few here.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Another Cawd Fwom Jax

G'day Pals,

Thanks fowr all of your bawkday wishes. I got another cawd fwom Jax and when I'm not rolling in the mud, I've been enjoying the pawtini's, bikini's, and surfboard sent by my Thin Twin, Asta up over. Mum says she is going to take me out for Ice Cweam when she gets home next week!
xxx Asta

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

1-2 Days Till My Bawkday!

Ellen Figg looked up my barkday on my blog so they are going to make make me a pawty hat tomowow. Of couse it's 2 days till my bawkday in Califownia, but just 1 day here in Melbourne. I'm going to be thwee! My thin twin Asta up over has sent me a bootiful bawkday carwd. Meanwhile mum is having a good time in California.
Mum's first conference ended a couple of days ago and the next one starts on Friday. In between, she says she has been catching up with old friends and eating lots of Mexican food. I'm glad that hewr twip is already half over. Brian has been spending half of his time with his 86 year old mother, so he's not having as much fun as mum, talking about hewr bones all the time.
We have had some hot weather in Melbourne, in the high thirties (93 F!) and now it has plummeted to below 20 (68 F) again - welcome to Melbourne.
My Cairn pal Judah is getting old, he is not at all interested in playing wif me anymore - he shudders when I come neaw him. His legs are really sore, so I have to amuse myself wif tipping over the water bucket and running around the back yard until I am completely black. Mandy has been punishing me wif daily bathing! I haven't suffewed this much since mum gave me a bath aftew rolling on a dead bird. I smelled so much betew. I just don't understand these hoomans.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Figg Time

G'day Pals,

The fiwst photo shows how I helped mum mawk hewr enowmous pile of papews and now I'm staying wif the Figgs fow 3 weeks while mum goes to confewences in California. Mum has been working pwetty hawd and needs a bweak. I'm going to be enjoying life wif my pals Mandy (holding me hewe) and Ellen and thewe dog Judah. Mum comes back in December, 2 weeks aftew my bawkday.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Where Is Asta?/Asta's Routine

G'day Pals

Mum has been working so very hard these last few weeks - late nights evwy night and she has bad insomnia. She still finds time to take me for 1-2 hour walks/runs evwy day. She says it helps hewe sleep better. I can't believe she hasn't had time to work on either of our blogs for almost a month!

We always walk or jog a mile to Princes Park where our beloved Blues used to play. Then we visit the dog section of the park. Here you can see me with my pal Axel - he's a massive and with my other pal Conor, who is a Cavy. Cavy's are popular here in Oz. Then mum and I go running through the middle of the fields and you can see the skyline of Melbourne in the backwound. We do this almost evwy day, so life is pwetty routine.

About the only blog I've had time to visit is the one of my thin twin, Asta up over. And we didn't even have time to watch all of hewr clever videos - we just wead about her fun activities. We do always twy to make the weekly chat that Bussie has to keep up wif my pals.

Mum is going to Los Angeles in 2 weeks and she has so much to do to get weady. She says she has to write a confewence paper, whatever that means????

Plus she has to mark papwews and final exams and theses. I offewed to mawk them fow herw but she says that wouldn't help. I don't know why. We'rew weally sowy we haven't been awound lately. Mum hopes to catch up on evwything duwing the Chwistmas times.

Happy Halloween pals!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Melbourne's Full of Cats!

G'day Pals,

Today was the Grand Final: that's the Aus Footy equivalent of the Super Bowl, except tickets are a lot cheaper, but our team was out weeks ago - in fact, we came in next to last. Still, this was the fiwst time a Victorian team has gone to the finals since my pawents moved hewe. So, instead of taking me fow my usual 2 houwr walk to the dog pawk, mum went acwoss the stweet wif dad to the pub to watch the Geelong Cats crush the Port Adelaide team by mowe than 100 points. They dwank a bottle of champagne to celebwate a Vicky team winning - any excuse to dwink! So, Melbourne is full of Cat people this weekend. Meanwhile, I laid low and waited fow mum and dad to come back. I guess I'll get my usual walk tomowow.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bestest Pawty - Asta's All Gwowed Up

G'day Pals,

I just woke up after pawtying hard wif Asta and all my pals.

What a day ow 2 days, maybe it went fow 3!

It stawted when Ruby picked me up in her jet fow the long flight to New Yowk. Things got weally interesting after she picked up Jackson in the UK. That Indian blanket was pwetty good fow snuggling under - He He He. Jackson, he got some heap big wampum thewe!

I think Jax was pwetty tiwed by the time we weached the wanch, so I did lots of sqwawe dancing wif Bussie and Asta up over and Stanley.

Then thewe was the aftew pawty.Melbouwne will nevew seem the same now that I've tasted life in the big city!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Bar B Q Barkday Asta Urbanista!

Whoops, I almost fowgot my cowgirl boots. Ruby picked me and all the pals up fow the long flight to NYC.

What a gweat Bar B Q. There's nothing us Aussies love more than a good bar b que, except a pawty. My thin twin Asta up over is now all gwon up and can she pawty.

Jackson gave me the fiwst dance - he looked so dashing in his heap big chief costume. And, we had tons of food - she even supplied guacamole & mawgarwitas. And thewe is still the aftew pawty to look foward to.

Lock and Load!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Getting Weady for Pawty No. 2!

G'day Pals,

I'm getting weady for Asta up over's pawty. I know it's still early, but it's a long wide to New York - the Big Apple - I'm sooo excited! I just have to find my shoes. I'm also bwinging some pig eawrs fow the long dwive wif Ruby.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dancin' the Night Away!

Disco Diva Asta
Add Glitter to Pictures

Stanley picked me and my mates up in his Pawty Bus to go to Penny & Lola's Disco Pawty. Stanley's a real smooth opewatow. You should have seen him on the dance floor. How he had all of that enewgy after dwiving to Austwalia, Asia, and all over America, I don't know! As you can see I am all blinged up. I had a gweat time dancing wif all of my fwiends!

Now I have to get weady for Asta up over's Bawkday Pawty!

Getting Weady for the Pawty!

Dad took me to see Sarah my gwoomer to get all pwetty for the big round of weekend pawties I'm invited to. I soooooo excited!

Mum and Dad took a bweak and went on a tour of 4 wineries in the Yarra valley.

The Yarra valley is bootiful and just 1 hour away. This photo was taken at the Domain-Chandon winery - that's mum's favowite. Today I got a bweak fwom being the designated dwiver.

This is my gwoomer Sarah, who makes me look bootiful evwy 6 weeks! Now I'm weady to Paw-tay!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Let Another Dogg Into Australia!

G'day Pals,

Sowy I've been MIA fow a while. Mum has been working evwy night till almost 2 am. She has lots of students and they keep giving hew papews to wead. I know I could do a bettew and fastew job of mawking them. Asta up over says just to chew them up, but I think mawking them would be fun too!

Meanwhile, I've become awawre of a sewious pwoblem in Austwalia. They are twying to keep dogs out of Austwalia. Thewes a dogg called Snoopy and they won't let him come hewe. They say he's a cwiminal. I'm not suwe what that is, but mum says that it used to be a requiwement for moving to Austwailia. This is so confusing! I'm suwe Snoopy could be rehabilitated if he just had some help fwom the Dog Whispewer, then went thwough quawentine. Snoopy wants to live in Melbouwne like me and my mum. I figuwe if they let mum into Austwalia, they can let Snoopy in too! You can vote fow getting Snoopy out of the dogg house and into Austwalia at:

I'm planning to spend my weekend getting weady fow Asta up over's Paw-ty and will post again soon!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Mum has been working late evwy night weading her students work. So, I need to get my pals to pway wif me a little.
I’ve been tagged by Gussie to pway Scattergowies. I’m tagging Agatha and Archie, Girl Girl, Hammer, and Toby. I think I'll tag Koobie, too!
Here are the rules: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the questions. They must be real places, names, things ... nothing made up! If you can't think of anything, skip it. You CAN'T use your own name for the boy/girl name question.
My name: ASTA
1. Famous Singer: Al Jolson
2. Four letter word: Asss
3. Street: Avenue of the Stars (Century City, California)
4. Colour: Aqua
5. Gifts/Presents: Antiques
6. Vehicle: Aston Martin DB 5 (told you mum is a Bond fan)
7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Animal Keychains
8. Boy Name: Alden (my mum’s dad’s name)
9. Girl Name: Anne (my mum’s mum’s name)
10. Movie Title: After the Thin Man (of course)
11. Drink: Absinthe - It’s legal in Australia or Absolut Citron - Shaken, not stirred
12. Occupation: Archaeologist - what my mum does!
13. Celebrity: Audrey Hepburn
14. Magazine: Archaeology (published by the Archaeological Institute of America!)
15. U.S. City: Anaheim - where my dad is fwom
16. Pro Sports: Australian Rules Football (Go the Blues!)
17. Fruit: Apricot
18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Attitude
19. Something You Throw Away: Advertising
20. Things You Shout: Ahhhhwooooooooooooo!
21. Cartoon Character: Astro Boy

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Fun Weekend

G'day Pals,

The weekend started out on kind of a bad paw. Mum decided that I've rolled in so much possum poo the last 2 weeks that I needed a bath. She always takes me into the shower. It would be fun if not for all of that icky soap!

We had our usual 2 hour walk at the dog park. I will show photos of the dog park another time. It was the warmest day here in several months - about 68 F (20 C), so mum and dad decided to go to mum's favowite outdoor pizza place in Carlton and I got to come along! Mum always eats this weally gawlicky pizza, so I didn't get too many tweats, but it was a good 2 miles of walking after our 4 mile walk at the pawk. At the end of my day, dad gave me a tummy rub and he got a big kiss in return. We all had fun even though the pathetic Carlton Blues lost by 82 points! Australian rules football is played on a round field wif 3 sets of goal posts at each end: you get 6 points for getting the ball thwough the middle and 1 point for getting it twough the end posts. The same team pways offence and defence, and they can move the ball by running wif it, vollying it, or kicking it, so there is lots of scowing, but losing by 82 points is too much! Mum will take me on another long walk tomowow. 2 hours after we got home it started raining.

Tagged and Bagged

G'day Pals,

I've been tagged by the Airechicks to tell you something about myself using my middle name. Since my full name is Asta La Vista Baby, I guess La Vista is my middle name, so here goes:

L for LA: This forms an acrostic & tells you where Mum comes from
Aussie: I’m Fair Dinkum

Victoria is the state I live in
Impish - Koobuss says this is what WFT’s are
Stubborn - I’m a real Terrier
Terror - short for Terrier
Adorable is what lets me get away wif Terrier Mischief

I have to now tag a dog for every letter of my middle name, so I tag: Asta up over, Koobie, Bussie, Gussie, Ruby, Tad, and Ben Ben

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another Footy Loss

G'day Pals, I apologize for my long absence from blogging. Mum has been sick for 2 weeks and foolishly going to the Uni to teach when she should be home in bed cuddling yours truly. She finally went to the vet last week and got some pills to make her better. Yesterday she was clearly feeling better because she went to the football game to drink beer and eat meat pies, but her pathetic team lost again. The Blues were ahead for the entire game, then lost to a team that has a mosquito for a mascot - how sad is that? So it was up to yours truly to try and console her. In return, she FINALLY took me for a decent walk today. Mum's blog got an award this week - it's the Expat Blog of the Month - it's still not enough to get her blog more hits than mine. I am clearly more interesting than all of this archaeology stuff she does, but at least her job keeps me in pig ears.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Lookin' Spiffy

G'day Mates,
Some of you have commented on my shaggy appearance. My regular groomer, Sarah, was on vacation when mum got home. I was scheduled to see her last week, but her plane was stranded in Singapore, but today mum was able to take me in. Sarah grooms me at the Carlton Vet, which is just 3 blocks away. I'm weady now for summer, but it's still cold here. I'll have to snuggle between mum and dad tonight to stay warm! Wight now I'm sitting in mum's study wif some of my favowite toys neaw by.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Footy Day!!!

G'day Pals, Mum has been taking me for long walks and runs evwyday, but at night she has lots and lots of student work to read, so she hasn't had much time to help me blog. But, today, mum went to see her favowite Austwalian Rules Football team pway. Austwailian football is played on a round field and mum likes it because the players wear tight little shorts. She supports our local team called the Carlton Blues and she likes them so much (even though the are almost in last place) that she makes me wear a Carlton Blues jumper. Mum says that the footy is fun because they drink beer and eat meat pies. I would rather pway wif my water bowl, but the meat pies sound good.