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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Westewn Wall Again & Mum's Return

G'day Pals, Mum will be home in just 3 mowe days. As you can see Dad, PG, and I awe busy pwepawing the house fow hew retuwn. We will be so excited it may take 10 days fow me to post again. Mum has had busy last few days in Israel packing hew massive amounts of stuff. Hope spwings etewnal that she's bwinging me some old bones. She took time out fwom hew wowk to take another handful of pwayews to the Westewn Wall. She left pwayers fow are family, fow world peace because she wants the hoomans of the Middle East to get along, and she left anothew spawshel pwayew fow Klaus, Lu Lu and Bogart.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sad News, Bogart's Dad/What's a Westewn Wall

Hey Pals, Thanks fow youw touching messages. We awe all pwaying vewy hard. Norwood asked what a Westewn Wall is. It's one of the most impowtant religious places in the Jewish religion, but it's also impowtant fow Christians and Muslims. The wall supports the terrace whewe the temple of Yahweh, or god the father was in ancient times. Aftew the Romans destwoyed the temple, the wall became all that was left of this sacwed monument. You can leave your pwayews thewe and it's a direct line to god! Some people even fax thewe pwayer! Latew, the Muslims built the Dome of the Rock above the wall, because it's the point whewe the Prophet Mohammed twavelled to heaven and met god pawsonally. That must have been quite something, pals. The spot whewe the Dome is, is also impawtant to Christians and Jews, because they believe it's whewe Abraham, a gweat holy man was to sacrifice his son to god and pwove his gweat faith once and fow all. The Jews believe Abraham was going to sacwifice his son Issac and the Muslims believe it was his othew son Ismail. Issac is the fathew of the Jewish people and Ismail is the fathew of the Arabic people. So, they awe all cousins. Whichevew son it was, this is a vewy impowtant and vewy holy place whewe people believe god is close. So, it's the bestest place to pray fwom.

G'day Pals, We wewe vewy sad to learn that Bogart's dad is vewy sick. PG 2 and I awe pwaying vewy hawd fow him and his family, and mum has one mow week in Israel, so she has gone back to the Western Wall to pway fow him too. I want to thank my Twinny for pwodoocing this bootiful cawd.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day Furprise, Mates!

Valentines from Asta and PG
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G'day Pals, It's Valentine's Day and I want to intwoduce you all to my sweet sissy kitty Pussy Galore II. I know you all have waited a long time fow this moment. You can see how I love hew so much I let hew sleep on my bed. If we can get along this well, then maybe thewe is hope fow world peace.

Although some of the fiewes awe still buwning things are looking up in Melbowne. Sam the Koala who was injuwed in the fiwe stowm has found a new love, Bob and they awe hoping to live happily evew aftew eating gum (Ooooocalyptus) leaves. Thanks to evwyone who donated to the RSPCA. Mum and dad donated cat and dog food, and blankets and I have donated some of my pig eaws.

I also got another friend award from Gussie! I want to pass it on to those pals who contributed to Victowian pets &/or checked on us: Lorenza, Snowball, Twinny, Maggie, Mitch, Joey, Tanner, Fleas Gang, Huskey, Hershey, Simba, Jazzy, Eric, Molly, Taffy, Dewey Dewster, Asta Marie, and Toby, Jax, Twinkle, Bogart, Eduardo, Noah and the Leurdales, Bae Bae, my sweet Nessa, Stanney and Stella, the Barkalots, the 4 Musketeers, & the pawents of Lacy and Freda. Thanks fow thinking of us!

And, to top it all off, my Twinny Asta up over sent me this weally cool and pawsonal Valentine, and mum is coming home in 2 weeks!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Melbowne Infowno: RSPCA Donations

Pals, you can help Vicowian animals by donating to the RSPCA:

G'day Pals,I've leawned fwom my pawents what an infowno is and it's pwetty bad. Tewwible fires have been wavaging my now home state of Victowia, and some 5000 people and doggies have lost thewe homes, and over 100 hoomans have died. You can help my mates by donating to:
xxx Asta

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heat Wave! Melbowne on Fiwre

G'day Pals, I had really planned to reveal my sissy Pussy Galore II today, but we have some sewious pwoblems in Melbourne. Yestewday was the hottest day hewe in 150 yeaws! It was neawly 120 F/ 47 C and my sissy went into hiding, and I have been spending the week keeping cool in my pool. The heat is vewy sewious fow our state. The whole state of Victowia is pwactically buwning down, and the fiwes wewe vewy close to my pals Opy and Chawlie. I wish I could help them, but I can't leave my house because the pavements awe all melting. All of ouw cwops awe dying fwom the heat. Thank dog, pig eaws aren't a crop. Mum says its an infewno. I don know what that is, but I know it's hot. Please dad, give me some mowe cold water.