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Friday, November 23, 2007

Another Cawd Fwom Jax

G'day Pals,

Thanks fowr all of your bawkday wishes. I got another cawd fwom Jax and when I'm not rolling in the mud, I've been enjoying the pawtini's, bikini's, and surfboard sent by my Thin Twin, Asta up over. Mum says she is going to take me out for Ice Cweam when she gets home next week!
xxx Asta

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

1-2 Days Till My Bawkday!

Ellen Figg looked up my barkday on my blog so they are going to make make me a pawty hat tomowow. Of couse it's 2 days till my bawkday in Califownia, but just 1 day here in Melbourne. I'm going to be thwee! My thin twin Asta up over has sent me a bootiful bawkday carwd. Meanwhile mum is having a good time in California.
Mum's first conference ended a couple of days ago and the next one starts on Friday. In between, she says she has been catching up with old friends and eating lots of Mexican food. I'm glad that hewr twip is already half over. Brian has been spending half of his time with his 86 year old mother, so he's not having as much fun as mum, talking about hewr bones all the time.
We have had some hot weather in Melbourne, in the high thirties (93 F!) and now it has plummeted to below 20 (68 F) again - welcome to Melbourne.
My Cairn pal Judah is getting old, he is not at all interested in playing wif me anymore - he shudders when I come neaw him. His legs are really sore, so I have to amuse myself wif tipping over the water bucket and running around the back yard until I am completely black. Mandy has been punishing me wif daily bathing! I haven't suffewed this much since mum gave me a bath aftew rolling on a dead bird. I smelled so much betew. I just don't understand these hoomans.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Figg Time

G'day Pals,

The fiwst photo shows how I helped mum mawk hewr enowmous pile of papews and now I'm staying wif the Figgs fow 3 weeks while mum goes to confewences in California. Mum has been working pwetty hawd and needs a bweak. I'm going to be enjoying life wif my pals Mandy (holding me hewe) and Ellen and thewe dog Judah. Mum comes back in December, 2 weeks aftew my bawkday.