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Monday, March 2, 2009

Klaus, LuLu, and Bogart: our condolences

Although I was ecstatic to see my mum weturn last night at 1am, we are all saddened by LuLu and Bogart's loss. There is nothing that can replace Klaus, but we can remember that he gave love and happiness to our friends Bogart and LuLu, and celebrate his life. Even though the power of the paw could not save Klaus, LuLu and Bogart should know that the power of all of us is behind them as long as they need our support.
Louise and Asta

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Westewn Wall Again & Mum's Return

G'day Pals, Mum will be home in just 3 mowe days. As you can see Dad, PG, and I awe busy pwepawing the house fow hew retuwn. We will be so excited it may take 10 days fow me to post again. Mum has had busy last few days in Israel packing hew massive amounts of stuff. Hope spwings etewnal that she's bwinging me some old bones. She took time out fwom hew wowk to take another handful of pwayews to the Westewn Wall. She left pwayers fow are family, fow world peace because she wants the hoomans of the Middle East to get along, and she left anothew spawshel pwayew fow Klaus, Lu Lu and Bogart.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sad News, Bogart's Dad/What's a Westewn Wall

Hey Pals, Thanks fow youw touching messages. We awe all pwaying vewy hard. Norwood asked what a Westewn Wall is. It's one of the most impowtant religious places in the Jewish religion, but it's also impowtant fow Christians and Muslims. The wall supports the terrace whewe the temple of Yahweh, or god the father was in ancient times. Aftew the Romans destwoyed the temple, the wall became all that was left of this sacwed monument. You can leave your pwayews thewe and it's a direct line to god! Some people even fax thewe pwayer! Latew, the Muslims built the Dome of the Rock above the wall, because it's the point whewe the Prophet Mohammed twavelled to heaven and met god pawsonally. That must have been quite something, pals. The spot whewe the Dome is, is also impawtant to Christians and Jews, because they believe it's whewe Abraham, a gweat holy man was to sacrifice his son to god and pwove his gweat faith once and fow all. The Jews believe Abraham was going to sacwifice his son Issac and the Muslims believe it was his othew son Ismail. Issac is the fathew of the Jewish people and Ismail is the fathew of the Arabic people. So, they awe all cousins. Whichevew son it was, this is a vewy impowtant and vewy holy place whewe people believe god is close. So, it's the bestest place to pray fwom.

G'day Pals, We wewe vewy sad to learn that Bogart's dad is vewy sick. PG 2 and I awe pwaying vewy hawd fow him and his family, and mum has one mow week in Israel, so she has gone back to the Western Wall to pway fow him too. I want to thank my Twinny for pwodoocing this bootiful cawd.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day Furprise, Mates!

Valentines from Asta and PG
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G'day Pals, It's Valentine's Day and I want to intwoduce you all to my sweet sissy kitty Pussy Galore II. I know you all have waited a long time fow this moment. You can see how I love hew so much I let hew sleep on my bed. If we can get along this well, then maybe thewe is hope fow world peace.

Although some of the fiewes awe still buwning things are looking up in Melbowne. Sam the Koala who was injuwed in the fiwe stowm has found a new love, Bob and they awe hoping to live happily evew aftew eating gum (Ooooocalyptus) leaves. Thanks to evwyone who donated to the RSPCA. Mum and dad donated cat and dog food, and blankets and I have donated some of my pig eaws.

I also got another friend award from Gussie! I want to pass it on to those pals who contributed to Victowian pets &/or checked on us: Lorenza, Snowball, Twinny, Maggie, Mitch, Joey, Tanner, Fleas Gang, Huskey, Hershey, Simba, Jazzy, Eric, Molly, Taffy, Dewey Dewster, Asta Marie, and Toby, Jax, Twinkle, Bogart, Eduardo, Noah and the Leurdales, Bae Bae, my sweet Nessa, Stanney and Stella, the Barkalots, the 4 Musketeers, & the pawents of Lacy and Freda. Thanks fow thinking of us!

And, to top it all off, my Twinny Asta up over sent me this weally cool and pawsonal Valentine, and mum is coming home in 2 weeks!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Melbowne Infowno: RSPCA Donations

Pals, you can help Vicowian animals by donating to the RSPCA:

G'day Pals,I've leawned fwom my pawents what an infowno is and it's pwetty bad. Tewwible fires have been wavaging my now home state of Victowia, and some 5000 people and doggies have lost thewe homes, and over 100 hoomans have died. You can help my mates by donating to:
xxx Asta

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heat Wave! Melbowne on Fiwre

G'day Pals, I had really planned to reveal my sissy Pussy Galore II today, but we have some sewious pwoblems in Melbourne. Yestewday was the hottest day hewe in 150 yeaws! It was neawly 120 F/ 47 C and my sissy went into hiding, and I have been spending the week keeping cool in my pool. The heat is vewy sewious fow our state. The whole state of Victowia is pwactically buwning down, and the fiwes wewe vewy close to my pals Opy and Chawlie. I wish I could help them, but I can't leave my house because the pavements awe all melting. All of ouw cwops awe dying fwom the heat. Thank dog, pig eaws aren't a crop. Mum says its an infewno. I don know what that is, but I know it's hot. Please dad, give me some mowe cold water.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Message From Asta's Neighbor: Furprise News!

Hello, friends of Asta. My name is Oscar and I've been Asta's neighbor for the last few years. And Asta getting her furprise has everything to do with me. I'm from Michigan and I moved to Melbourne about 10 years ago with my servant, K.O. My servant works with Asta's hooman, and sometimes when my hooman goes to the US, Asta and her servant feed me and care for me, which is what they live for. I've known Asta since she was a puppy, and we get on pretty well considering she's a dog. Last year, Asta's mum had to take me to the vampire vet for some blood tests and when we were at the vampire den, she saw a cat up for adoption. Obviously, this creature wasn't as wonderful and handsome as me, but Asta's hooman was gaga, claiming this hideous and scraggly mop of hair and bones was the spitting image of a cat she had 20 years ago back in California, so she took her home on a misguided impulse. She was obviously suffering delusions. Anyway, this pathetic animal had been given the embarrassing name of Big Mama Puss by the vampire's assistant, but Asta's mum had the good sense to rename her after her previous incarnation, Pussy Galore. Here are her paws and you will see the rest "soon."

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nursie Dweam Team on the Move & Help from Mum

G'day Pals, Our fwiend Axel's mum is sick, and us Asta's awe back in action as the Nursie Dweam Team. Asta NYC is making lots of food to help out and I'm giving expewt Nursie attention.

Mum is also doing hew best to help by pwaying fow Axel and his mum at the western Wall in Jerusalem. Mum says you can leave notes fow God in the wall and he listens. We hope Axel's mum is feeling bettew soon!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Austwailia Day & Dad Gets Citizenship!

G'day Pals, Happy Austwailia Day! I'm celebwating by wearing my True Blue Aussie Digger Hat! Fow you Seppos (if you don't know wha a Seppo is check my rhyming slang dictionary) out thewe, Austwailia Day marks the beginning of English colonization of Austwailia, so it's like Columbus Day, 4th of July, & Thanksgiving all rolled into one!

Austwailia Day is a good day to shawe some important news. My dad got his Austwailian Citizenship last year. Mum got hewes 2 yeaws ago: the Prime Minister rushed it thwough fow hew because hew work is so impowtant.

Aftewards mum made my dad weaw this ridiculous hat, just like she made me weaw. She said it was to show dad was fair dinkum, but I think mum is unfair dinkum!

Aftewards my pawents went wif the Figgs to a pub to celebwate being fare dinkum Aussies. I'm spending Austwailia day weekend wif the Figgs to give dad a chance to west and pway pooter games nonstop.

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Furprise has Eyes!

G'day Pals, We are getting closer to revealing my furprise to the world. Just a little while longer and you will know all!
Muwahahahahahahah, Muwahahahahahah

Monday, January 19, 2009

Enjoying the Summew & Nessa's Friendship

G'day Pals, I'm enjoying my summer, while dad slaves away to buy me pig eaws. I love my pool. I know some of you awe cold like poor Koobie. I wish you could all come down hewe and have a pool pawty wif me. The pool also serves a pwactical puwpose. I love water so much that I tip ovew my water dish, so this is too big to tip over. When I get a break from all of this fun, I'll tell you more about my furprise!

Guess what Pals, I stopped swimming long enough to collect this award from Nessa, my Hovawart pal in Slovenia. The coolest thing is that Nessa made this award herself. I could never do that. I learned that Hovawart means "estate guard dog." Nessa's blog is really bootiful and it's bilingual. I want to encourage evwyone to visit sweet Nessa.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Little More Furprise and a Gift!

G'day Pals,
I'm taking a bweak from my pool, which is soooo much fun, and which I will tell you more about soon, to reveal a little mowe of my furprise. Many of you have a pwetty good idea what's coming, but this gives you a just a bit more idea of things to come. I will soon tell you about how I helped mum acquire this wondrous creature for our household amusement.

Also, pals, I got this friend award from Nessa, my really cool pal in Slovenia.
I’m passing it on to Twinny, Snowy, Taddy, Ronin, Normie, Joey & Dooffus, Dewey Dewster, Goofy, Sophie La Brador, Jax, and Koobie.
xxx Asta

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Happiest Day of My Life!

I have a small confession pals. Another one of the weasons I didn't blog last year is that I got this exciting pwesent: my own little pool. And, while mum was slaving a way working, I've been having a good time.

Oh boy, dad, fill it up I can't wait. And, because it's summew now, I'm enjoying it again.

Get the hose, get the hose, get the hose, hah hah hah hah hah!

Yes, yes yes yes, I can't wait, fill the pool, fill the pool, fill the pool!!!!
Dad and I go through this evwy 3 days!
Ok, pals, you have to wait fow the next installment on the pool, and a little mowe info on my furprise!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I've got a Furprise Coming Pals!

G'day Pals, I'm going to be updating you on my recent activities. As I update you about them, I'm going to gradually reveal a furprise to you! Those of you who come to weekly chat know what I'm talking about, but the rest of you will just have to keep checking back!
xxx Asta

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Kisses 2009 & Up Date

Happy New Year Pals! Sowy I haven't been keeping up my blog, but my mum will offer an explanation below.
Mum has been wowking in Israel since November and gets back on 1 March. My dad is taking good cawe of me meanwhile. Fow Kwiznuz, I had a nice big steak wif my dad and his two fwiends that he bar b q'ed wif and they came back for dwinks and cawds fow New Year's Eve. As you can see, dad liked the big wet sloppy kiss I gave him at midnight. He said that having a bootiful (and modest) girl to kiss him on New Years (yours truly) made him fowget all about mum being away. He says he like the way I stick my tongue up his nose, but enough of the kinky stuff. He was also gwateful I didn't take any kitty "tootsie wolls" fwom the cat's treat box - more about her soon! I think the I-phone mum bought him fow Kwiznuz also helped put the smile back on his face. In the next weeks, I'll be bwinging you up to date on my recent adventures!

Message From Asta's Mum

Dear Friends of Asta, I just want to apologize for the delay in helping Asta update her blog. My blog is also behind, but I do have some recent photos up and plan to add more. This has been a busy year for me that has involved publishing 2 books, writing some articles, organizing a conference that brought 48 speakers from 14 countries to Melbourne, seeing Asta's dad join me in getting dual Aussie/US citizenship, going to a conference in Cyprus, digging in Israel in July, then returning to Israel for 4 months in November, breaking my toe (oh toe is me!), and teaching my students. Look for more photos of Asta, her new cat Pussy Galore II, and updates on her life in the coming weeks! Asta's mum.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My New Year was Totlly Pawsome

Happy New Year Pals,

I had the bestest New Year ever here. It happened after mum and her booz soaked associates sampled beers and ate pizza at a local bar. Evwyone came back for me and took me to a pool pawty wif one of mum’s students. Yes, a real swimming pool! It was in the middle of a big apartment building just like the TV show, Melrose Place. It was over 40 C (over 100 F) hewe - the hottest ever NYE in Melbourne! At midnight, all of the pawty peeps jumped into the pool. I got soooo excited! I ran round and round the pool bawking. Finally I mustered my cowage jumped in. It was sooo cool, it was pawtastic. I swam round and round the pool - mum could not keep up wif me, and then I rode on a boogie board, and then I swam some more. There was also another doggie there - a cocker spaniel named Elton. He kept dunking my head under, but I swam longer than him. Then I wan round the pool and bawked some more and swam some more. It was gweat. Stupid mum didn’t bwing her camewa, but she came in swimming wif me. I hadn’t been in a real pool since last NYE when the Figgs took me swimming and I messed up the Ph balance. I’m zausted now from all of the laps I swam.

And later, I joind the round the World International Chat Pawty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was held by Dogs with Blogs. I stawted chatting about noon on New Year's Dav and got to ring in the New Year and talk of my exploits to my best buddies: Bussie, Gussie, Jax, Butchy and Miss Snickers, Asta NY, Momo, Ruby, Precious, Snowball, Jaffe, Opy & Charlie, Ruby, Joey, Faya, and too many mowe to count. I feel we've gotten 2008 off to a gweat start!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Meeting Opy & Charlie's Mum!

Me and my pal, Brooke in the Patio

Guess What Pals?

The woomers you heard about are twue! I had a visit fwom Brooke - Charlie & Opy's mum! I met a weal DWB celebwity! And I am only the second DWB doggie to meet hew. The first was Hammer. She bwought me this bootiful rope/stuffie/ball fwom Opy and Charlie also! And, I sent Charlie and Opy some of my famous giant pig eaws that mum buys me in the Victowia Mawket. She had the bootiful smells of Charlie and Opy on her.
My Thin Twin Asta up over was so excited that she sent this e-mail to me: "That is so vewy excitingTHE Bwooke???wow she's like the most famous doggie Mom of them all..I'm vewy jelly!... That is so cool that she came to see you and bwought you goodies fwom Opy and Charlie."
I not only met Bwooke, but I got to go out to lunch with Bwooke and mum. They went out for Lesbian food (mum: that's LEBANESE food, Asta) and I got to twy the Lesbian cheese on pee-ta bwead! (mum: that's LEBNE and PITA, Asta).
Mum says that ouw daddies are going to get together also and pway wif their compooters. I was sowy not to meet Charlie and Opy, but Bwooke says they are home-bodies. I'm looking foward to meeting the whole family!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Woe Is Me!

But I have been vewy bad. Mum took me for our regular 2 hour walk and I wrolled in a pile of vomit that I found in the pawk. It smelled so pawtastic - it was even better than the dead bird I wolled in a couple of weeks ago and my usual bat poo and possum poo perfume, but mum was weally upset. She said my behaviowr was enough to make hewr sick and she took me stwaight to the public bathwoom and washed it all off, but it didn't get wid of that pewfume-like awoma, so she gave me another bathf. She is making a face because of the fwagwant awoma. She just doesn't have any taste! No, don't wash it away.
Oh, woe is me!

All Is Forgiven

I guess I'm going to have to forgive mum fow ignoring me and my blog. She bought me some belated bawkday gifts: a big bag of pig eaws, a new pink rope toy, and 4 of my favowite rope kongs! Then she suwpwised me wif this wope ball. I think it will become my new favowite! And, she says another suwpwise is coming, plus she is still pwomising me some ice cweam.