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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Asta 6 Weeks Old

Here I am at 6 weeks old - this is just before Dogtainers flew me to Melbourne when I joined my new family at the age of 2 months. Although I rarely sit this still, you can see my determined, patented terrier stare.
I'm a brave girl - I never whimpered once after leaving my mum. My owner Louise always gave me a hot water bottle placed in a plushy every nite to snuggle up to and she took me down to the garden several times to 'go.' When I got a bit bigger, I got to sleep on the bed!

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Donna said...

Aren't you just the cutest puppy, and a right gorgeous young dog! We nenjoyed reading all about you, your puppyhood, and your human folk! Be back soon to read about your latest antics....
Asta La Vista, Baby!!