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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hey Mates, Surf's Up!

Uh Oh! I was clipped and looking very neat and tidy – until I got home, then I immediately plunged my head into a bucket of water and wet my new, very punk looking eyebrows! After a full day in the doggy salon and a long walk by Ellen, Grant and Mandy’s daughter, I was a very tired little doggy.
Mandy calls me a waterdog because I spend hours in my “swimming pool ,” a large plastic container that they fill up, and then throw things in for me to dive in and retrieve. I also enjoy chasing the "hose" when the garden is being watered.
Whenever it is hot out I just throw myself in the water until I cool off!
Last year when Louise was in Cyprus, the Figgs took me to Grant’s sister’s house and when I saw their pool, I dove straight in and joined the game of pool volleyball and even got on one of the surfboards! I asked for a cocktail, but they wouldn’t give me one. Afterward, I played chasy and kissy face with Fergus, the Scotty, and now Mandy thinks we are in love.
As you can see in this photo of Murphy, I’m not the only WFT that likes to surf, but Crikey! Surfing and digging are part of my Aussie lifestyle. I just wish I had a photo of me on the surfboard!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fluffy, Not Stuffy!

My friend Mandy, who I am staying with until July, finally took me for my haircut today. Brian meant well, but just could seem to get around to it. I have a lot more fun at Grant and Mandy's because everyone there wants to play with me. I was such a big ball of fur (like in this old puppy photo) that my groomer, Sarah, did not recognize me. Everyone had a big laugh about this at my expense. I get groomed at the vets, so I also got my shots, and now I'm good to go shot-wise for another year.

Monday, March 26, 2007

My Workday!

My workday normally starts when Louise finishes her coffee and goes off to teach archaeology. The couch is the highest spot I can reach and I sit here most of the time so that I can protect the house and when she gets home we go for our run - at least 4 miles. I'm learning archaeology too, and occasionally I go out into the patio to bury my pig ears in the garden. After they are there for a few days, I can re-excavate them, bring them back in and shake the dirt everywhere- yum!

Graduating Puppy Pre-School

This photo was taken in April 2005 when I graduated Puppy Pre-School at the Carlton Vet. My people were really happy because they learned some new tricks to get me to behave a little better and not bite their ankles anymore. I'm the cute one in the photo!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Brian Holding Me/Visiting My Friends

Brian is holding me and my human companion Louise is taking the picture. I was pretty lonely with Louise being away in Israel because she took me for 4-10 mile walks and runs. I have been stopping outside of her office everyday looking for her, but she's not there and that made me sad. Brian plays rope toss with me, but it's just not the same as the long runs and trips to the dog parks to play with all of the locals. So, I've decided to stay with my friends Mandy and Grant, their kids Billy and Ellen, and their 4 Cairn terriers till Louise gets back in July. I have a lot of fun there playing with everyone, even though there is the constant challenge of letting them know that I'm supposed to be in charge. Sometimes they just don't get it! Still, I have lots of fun with so many people and other dogs around, and I get to sleep in Billy's room everynight. On Tuesday they are taking me to the vet for my vaccinations, but I will forgive them.

Asta 6 Weeks Old

Here I am at 6 weeks old - this is just before Dogtainers flew me to Melbourne when I joined my new family at the age of 2 months. Although I rarely sit this still, you can see my determined, patented terrier stare.
I'm a brave girl - I never whimpered once after leaving my mum. My owner Louise always gave me a hot water bottle placed in a plushy every nite to snuggle up to and she took me down to the garden several times to 'go.' When I got a bit bigger, I got to sleep on the bed!

Playing With My Brother

Here I'm playing with my brother. Even as a puppy I had sharp teeth. Brian believes that I come from such a small litter because I ate the other puppies in the womb.

Baby Photo

This is my first photo, taken the day I opened my eyes, when I was just 2 weeks old. Note, that I already have a determined stare.

Welcome to my blog!

This photo was taken after my first haircut at age 9 months. Crikey, I'm a little beauty!